2011’s Most Epic Offices

Being a freelance journalist, I have been lucky to work in some pretty amazing offices this year (besides Bird Rock Coffee and my own office in San Diego). Here are a few pics from some of my favorite offices this year, including one from Amazon where I wrote a live blog using an iPad powered by solar panels thanks to Goal Zero and Chase Olivier. Looking forward to some more amazing office locations in 2012. xo, S Photo by Chase Olivier Writing off an iPad powered by solar panels in... Read the Rest →


Exponential Inspiration

While surfing a right hand point break at the most southerly tip off Costa Rica, with whom I thought was just a few friends, a boat showed up with a handful of guys. At first, my selfish capacity and innate desire to be a wave hog, was crushed. But as they paddled closer to the lineup and I realized they were all pretty good-looking, I decided to smile instead. Besides… they had a boat (that’s like owning a guitar times ten). Surfing somewhere near here… This is a tactic I... Read the Rest →


Outside Magazine Reader of the Year Ryan Levinson

This is a story I have wanted to write for years, but was too big of a wimp to write it. My fear – 500 words would never justify this athlete’s achievements. A friend told me Outside was looking for submissions for an inspirational athlete and I couldn’t think of anyone better for them to feature. I first wrote about Ryan when I was 19 and he was on the brink of a world class kiteboarding career. After our interview and my poor attempt to kiteboard, Ryan shared his story... Read the Rest →


Interview with Jack O’Neill

Sometimes half the fun of writing a story is getting a story — or in my case — getting to the story. With less that 36 hours notice, I was told I would be given a rare opportunity to meet the man who invented the surfing wetsuit, Mr. Jack O’Neill himself. Sleep deprived but stoked to meet Mr. O’Neill It might not seem like a big deal to someone who doesn’t surf, but if you think back to the era before wetsuits, the surfers of Jack O’Neill’s day were a... Read the Rest →


Running and Surfing with Born to Run’s Chris McDougall

Where have I been? Writing stories! That’s where. Heaps coming out soon, and I’ll be better about blogging. Here is one of my favorite recent pieces I did about Born to Run author Chris McDougall. Why are there no action shots of us? See #6. Why was this story so cool for me? Well, probably not something I should admit as a writer, but my ADD self has a hard time reading most books cover to cover. When I couldn’t put Born to Run down, I told everyone about it.... Read the Rest →


Costa Rica Part 1

Offshore everyday in Nosara, Photo by I felt the biggest sigh of relief in months. No worries. Just surf, write, eat, surf, teach surf lessons, maybe shower and repeat. I can see why people never leave, set up shop, marry a local, have babies and cash in everything in the states to live in Costa Rica. Being an expat would be so easy here. No, that’s not my plan, however, there are waves every day and it’s offshore right now, clean, and only slightly windy. I am in heaven.... Read the Rest →


Following Two Bartenders Around Sundance for a Story

Party crashing with a real party crasher at Sundance A few months ago, I followed around a bunch of bartenders around Sundance for a story. Here is the short version of how it went down: Over a surf, my friend tells me of two local mixologists going to Utah to guest bartend celebrity parties at Sundance and asks if I want to come. I say no, because they leave in two days, then catch a wave, and change my mind while paddling back out. I realize this will definitely make... Read the Rest →


My Day as a Test-Dummy

Here is what I did last Sunday right before the rain hit in not-so-sunny San Diego. My friend, Ryan, is basically a hell-man who despite having muscular dystrophy, has made it his life’s mission to pursue outdoor sports and encourage others, no matter what limits they may have, to just go for it. He also does water rescue and lifesaving and wanted an extra test dummy to hone his skills using his jet ski and a rescue sled so he could practice saving unconscious victims in the surf. It was... Read the Rest →